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IT for Travel Agencies & Providers
Georgia Technologies understands the unique technology needs of travel agencies and travel providers. We know that while the major air carriers have ended commissions and slashed overrides, you rely more than ever on efficient technologies to support your business by accessing tour companies and the cruise lines' booking engines.

Georgia Technologies provides an understanding of your business by working directly with GDS's and back-office applications to create an efficient environment that allows you to sell more travel. With quality hardware and experience, Georgia Technologies gives you the technology you need to succeed in today's ever-changing world of travel and transportation.

Georgia Technologies integrates ticket printers, itinerary printers, and advanced scripts for your GDS so that your business works seamlessly to work with tour companies, airlines, cruise lines, and rail companies. Our remote access features allow you to work virtually from anywhere... you won't have to be tied to the office... a benefit for providing solutions to your outside and off-site agents at no extra cost.

Incorporating your GDS, back-office applications, stand alone booking engines, and email systems can take hours to complete a single transaction without the right technology. If you are new to the travel business or ready to update to a system that will save you time and money with each sell, contact Georgia Technologies to find out how we can benefit your business.

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IT For Hotels & Restaurants
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