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Video Surveillance & Secure Entry Systems
School Safety is an important issue.  Imagine being able to view classrooms, offices or common areas live from anywhere on your IT network or even from your mobile phone.  Plus, control the access and entry to secure doors.  You can... with Georgia Technologies.  Surveillance video and entry controls are integrated into one system on your IT network, conveniently providing information and security to your staff, students and visitors.
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Intercom / Paging Systems and Digital Signage
Integrate feature-rich Intercom/Paging systems and digital signage into your IT network.  Intercom systems with talk-back capabilities can be customized for individual classrooms, groups of classrooms, and mass broadcasts.  Digital signs and displays can be updated quickly and easily to keep students, teachers, and visitors informed about school or college events, deliver news broadcasts, display information about accolades and awards, and deliver emergency alerts and safety information.  The design of the digital display is completely customized to match your needs and specifications. Learn more about Intercom, Paging, & Mass Notification Systems


As an authorized partner with one of the highest rated VoIP companies, Georgia Technologies is excited to become the area's foremost provider of a new level of communications with top of the line products and services, including Wireless Mobility. Consistently ranked at the top of VoIP providers in the industry, our staff is now being certified and trained to support the affordable solutions made to meet the budgets of any size business. 
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Multi-site Connectivity - Safe & Reliable Networking
If your school has offices in multiple locations and you want a secure way to share complex, mission-critical network traffic, Georgia Technologies can help.  Collaborate with colleagues across campus or even with remote users, and easily share resources. Using Internet connectivity we can create secure, encrypted tunnels between these locations so they seem to be on the same local network. This includes integrated advanced network intelligence and routing for a wide range of network designs. Contact Georgia Technologies to find out more.


Internet Filtering & Security and Firewall Management
Concerned about Internet security and what Internet content can be access from your networks?  Let Georgia Technologies help design and implement a robust solution to protect your network and your staff, students and visitors.  Filtering hardware and software is capable of blocking Web access based on numerous criteria. The filter lists provide high quality, comprehensive content blocking with predefined categories, including porn, adult content, violence, drugs, news, employment, etc.


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