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Georgia Technologies serves companies of every size. From small business to large enterprise, we provide consistent, dependable services and support. Georgia Technologies has a proven track record of integrity and reliability leading the company to continual success and favorable opinions from clients.

The experienced and skilled professionals at Georgia Technologies provide unique advantages through the access of trade practices that other IT service providers are unable to deliver. The knowledge and experience obtained when working with organizations such as the CIA, FBI, NASA, Nestle, BBC, Braswell's Foods and Boeing add to the benefits passed on to our clients... benefits that are delivered at unbeatable rates, to meet all budgets.

Georgia Technologies specializes in providing Managed Services to clients in many different markets, including medical practices and the health care industry, law and accounting firms, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and government agencies.  In addition, Georgia Technologies is a leader in providing worldwide IT consulting.

Georgia Technologies provides managed services locally throughout the State of Georgia and comprehensive IT consulting throughout North America and the European Union.

Georgia Technologies proudly serves hundreds of businesses, providing them products and support for their unique requirements. Please find below a partial list of the clients we support.