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Never be tied to your office again!
With Georgia Technologies Cloud Services you can remotely access your company's data, applications, and email from anywhere via the internet.


What is Cloud Services?
Georgia Technologies Cloud Services is a private hosting platform that allows users to connect to a secure remote server through the internet.  The remote server hosts your company's data and applications.
Imagine being able to conduct your business operations from home or while on the road.  Cloud Services allows businesses with multiple locations and users to collaborate just as they would in the main office.  With cloud services, users can print to remote printers and work with your business software programs (such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office applications).  Instead of having to purchase expensive servers for your business, your company operates seamlessly via the internet.  Cloud Services is a beneficial alternative to the standard business network with virtually every feature you could expect from an onsite server at your business.


Is Cloud Services secure and reliable?
Your data is safe and secure with Georgia Technologies Cloud Services.  If a disaster should happen, you can be assured that your business can still operate from any location with an internet connection.  Your company data and applications are backed up to the highest standards and are accessible 24 hours a day.  Virus and malicious software protection and prevention is a built-in feature of Cloud Services.
Georgia Technologies Cloud Services encrypts your data in multiple formats so that unwanted users cannot access your company's hosted platform.  The reliability of Cloud Services are no less than you could expect with having your own onsite server.


What is the cost?
Consider the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own server.  The cost and burden of dealing with equipment is expensive and time consuming. With Georgia Technologies Cloud Services, your hosted platform is always maintained and up-to-date to provide the most reliable features available.
Cloud Services by Georgia Technologies is inexpensive for businesses of all sizes. In fact, plans begin as low as $159 a month. Depending on your unique business requirements and data storage needs, Georgia Technologies will provide a custom hosted platform at an affordable monthly rate.


Contact the Service Desk for more details and to get started with Cloud Services.
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Combine Cloud Services with our Voice-over-IP solutions for a true office on-the-go. Work from your car, the airport, your hotel room, and from anywhere there is an internet connection.  Contact us today!