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Georgia Technologies provides affordable and responsive Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drives and other forms of media. When a hard drive fails, every minute without your business data can cost you heavily in productivity and can threaten months or even years of work. We realize that you may have years of accounting records, emails, and personal data such as photos and documents that, if lost, is critical to recover.

Our expert data recovery specialists will do everything possible to recover lost data at no cost. If our service technicians are able to retrieve the data you require, the cost is only $125. We will supply the recovered data to you on DVDs or transfer the data to a new hard drive or computer.

From time to time, hard drives and other media that have been severely damaged will need to be sent off to our data recovery partner. Our data recovery partner operates a 24/7 laboratory with a full Class 100 clean room, data recovery engineers with years of experience, and the full capacity necessary to handle any issue a hard drive or RAID system might experience. If you request your drive to be sent off, our partner will provide a FREE evaluation and cost and the approximate chance of recovery within 24 hours.

Whether you need data recovered in a day, week, or immediately, Georgia Technologies and our data recovery partner have the capacity to meet any time demand, and pricing structures to make your data recovery affordable.

Choose Georgia Technologies for Advanced Data Recovery Services including:
-Hard drive microcode repair
-Electronics repair
-RAID and SAN data recovery, rebuilding, and de-striping
-Complex file system repair
-Encrypted files and password recovery

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Contact the Georgia Technologies Service Desk for more details about our Data Recovery Services.