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Welcome to the Online Service Center
From here you can seek remote technical support.

To begin a remote support session with one of our service center team members, please call the service center or schedule a session now. A team member will set up a remote session for you and will advise you when to return to this page and when to click on the "Get Remote Support" button at the bottom of this page.


Remote Support Terms & Conditions
The remote support session is a secure way to receive support via the internet. You will be provided a password which allows you to connect to our systems and so that we can view your computer screen and remotely control your mouse and keyboard.

Once the remote session ends, the service team no longer has access to your computer. When disconnected, you must allow us to re-connect to your computer by clicking on the "Get Remote Support" button at the bottom of this page.

Please keep in mind, when we are connected to your computer during a remote session, the service team member may be able to view your documents and photos if you have them open. What appears on your computer screen is exactly the same as it appears on the service team member's screen that is providing you with remote support.

By clicking on the "Get Remote Support" button at the bottom of this page, you acknowledge that you are allowing Georgia Technologies to connect to your computer via the internet. You agree that Georgia Technologies may provide remote support to you and promise to not hold us responsible for data transmission problems resulting from a poor internet connection. You further agree that you have the legal right to allow Georgia Technologies to connect to your computer for the purposes of providing remote support. Additionally, you promise not to hold Georgia Technologies responsible for any loss of data or any damage to your PC (including the possibility of receiving a virus or other unwanted software) caused by the providing of remote support by our service center.

At times, it may be required to reschedule your remote session. You understand that this remote support service is for your convenience only and not all problems or issues with your computer can be resolved by remote means.


There may be a charge for remote support, and we may require you to give us your credit card details to provide you with this service. Ask the service center team member for details regarding the charges for your remote support session.