Service Advisory

Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Advisory Date:

07 September 2017 1100 (UTC-5:00)

Product Advisory Number & Version:

SA1701 VER 01

Effective Date:

07 September 2017

Client Impact:

This communication is intended for subscribers of Georgia Technologies Managed Services only. If you do not have a Managed Services Agreement with Georgia Technologies, the information contained herein does not pertain to you or your organization.

Advisory Information

As your trusted IT service provider, we want you to know that we are closely tracking the path of Hurricane Irma and monitoring the potential impact it may have on your technology systems. As always, Georgia Technologies is committed to minimizing interruptions of your systems even in the aftermath of a significant weather event. You can depend on Georgia Technologies to do everything possible to make certain your systems come back online should your business experience power, internet, and/or phone outages.

For businesses evacuating, we are highly recommending that you disconnect your server and other major technology appliances from all electrical sources as a precautionary measure to prevent possible damage from lightning and electrical surges. These proactive measures may help get your business back up and running much more quickly after the storm. Please contact the Georgia Technologies Service Desk at 912-489-7427 for assistance with properly shutting down your server.

Since we continuously monitor the status of your network, we will automatically be alerted in the event that important equipment failure occurs at your business. As you are aware, this weather event is expected to produce very strong winds and heavy rain that may lead to extended power outages. Should an extended power outage occur, it is likely that your network equipment will need to be powered back on once power is restored.

Yesterday, we began crosschecking all off-site data backup systems that are provided to our customers and are confident that disaster recovery efforts of off-site data will be quickly successful should flooding or other harmful incidents damage your server data. Please note that not all customers have off-site data backup systems. See your Managed Services Subscriber Agreement for more information regarding data backup and disaster recovery.

In the event Georgia Technologies temporarily loses connectivity to your systems and you would like to report an outage at your business, you must call our dedicated toll free number: 1-866-489-7427. We kindly remind you that calls and texts to our cell phones may significantly delay service to your organization, as cell phone reception may be interrupted. Again, we encourage you to always contact our office numbers to request service and support.

Georgia Technologies is here for you. If you have any questions or concerns about this statement, simply reply to this email or call us at 912-489-7427. You may also follow us at for important notifications from the Georgia Technologies Service Desk.

Thank you for choosing Georgia Technologies, and STAY SAFE!