Product Advisory

Lightning and Surge Protection

Advisory Date:

18 September 2014 1400 (UTC-5:00)

Product Advisory Number & Version:

PA1403 VER 01

Effective Date:

18 September 2014

Advisory Description:

Information regarding Lightning and Surge Protection for Customer Equipment

Impact Summary:

Informational Only


Over the past fifteen years, Georgia Technologies has seen the damage that lightning strikes and surges can do to your business’s electronic equipment. Recent storms seem to have produced more than usual lightning damage to our customer’s equipment. Although lightning damage to electronics can never be 100% prevented, we have compiled some important solutions to help protect your investments.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

To maintain business continuity in the event your server is damaged by lightning, data can be restored quickly from an onsite backup device. Coupled with offsite data backups, your data may be restored even in the event of a major weather event such as a tornado or lightning strike that damages your server and local backup device. Find out more about Data Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions by clicking here or call us at 912-489-9857.

Surge Protection

To be clear, lightning damage to your equipment can occur even when you have surge protection devices and proper grounding, and there are many ways through which lightning can hit your electronics. Surges can enter your building and damage equipment not only through your main electrical power but also through your telephone, cable, and other voice and data lines. Servers and important network equipment should always be connected to a lightning and surge protector with battery backup to properly shut down your server during power failures. Georgia Technologies also recommends that you contact your electrician or wiring contractor to discuss the need for the proper grounding of your voice and data lines for maximum lightning protection. For surge protection and battery backup products, contact us to discuss your needs.

Electronic Equipment Insurance Coverage

Most equipment won’t survive a direct lightning strike, which is so strong that it will damage a battery operated device (like a battery operated smoke detector). That’s a good reason to make sure you have insurance coverage on your electronic equipment as manufacturer warranties do not typically cover damages to hardware caused by lightning and surges. Contact your business insurer for more information.


Not only does losing equipment damaged by lightning have economic importance, but the down time associated with the lost equipment can be more costly. Down time and loss of data resulting from damaged equipment can equal thousands of dollars in lost revenue for businesses. Because surges from lightning strikes can enter through your telephone lines, your telecommunications and network equipment is at risk, and protecting your investment with proper grounding by your electrician or wiring contractor should be a priority.