Product Advisory

End of Support for Obsolete Data Backup Systems

Advisory Date:

29 January 2014 1525 (UTC-5:00)

Product Advisory Number & Version:

PA1401 VER 01

Effective Date:

01 February 2014

High Level Description:

Georgia Technologies ends support for obsolete data backup systems

Impact Summary:

Unapproved data backup systems must be replaced to maintain compliancy, compatibility, and business continuity

Client Impact:

All clients with an unapproved data backup system


Georgia Technologies realizes the vital nature of maintaining server data for clients and the impact the loss of critical data may have on your business. To protect your data and business continuity, Georgia Technologies will no longer support obsolete data backup systems. To ensure compatibility with new technology and compliancy with HIPAA and other state and federal legislation, Georgia Technologies only supports manageable data backup systems as detailed in the section below.

For additional details, contact the Georgia Technologies Service Desk:

Obsolete Data Backup Systems

Most clients that subscribe to Georgia Technologies Managed Services have already transitioned to supported data backup systems. However, if your business is still relying on tape-based drives, portable external devices, and other obsolete backup systems, it is important that you immediately convert to a supported backup system for continued support from Georgia Technologies.

Some examples of unsupported data backup systems include:

  • Symantec Backup Exec,
  • Windows Server Backup,
  • Ntbackup,
  • systems requiring tapes or portable external drives,
  • and other systems that are not fully manageable.

These data backup systems have become obsolete because they are unreliable and unmanageable. Tapes often get stuck and are prone to read or write errors rendering them useless. Tapes and external drives burden clients with the responsibility of ensuring that the data backup system is functioning properly at all times. Since these systems provide little-to-no alerting in the event of failure, it is impossible for Georgia Technologies to monitor your data backups for accuracy.

Because of the age of these data backup systems, manufacturers and vendors associated with these devices and software are ending support of their products.

Supported Data Backup Systems

Supported data backup systems have improved recovery points, quicker file restores, and there are no tapes or drives to manage. The automated data backup process virtually eliminates human error and equipment failure. Most supported data backup systems will capture an image of your entire server as opposed to only specified files and folders on your computer network. Coupled with off-site file protection, your data security is ensured even in the event of system failure or catastrophic loss.

Currently, Georgia Technologies supports the following data backup systems:

  • Datto
  • Sureline
  • Carbonite Pro
  • Carbonite Server
  • Shadow Protect
  • Other third-party solutions that provide remote manageability and alerting

End of Support

Beginning February 1, 2014, Georgia Technologies will no longer support the use of obsolete data backup systems. This means that if you have an obsolete data backup system, Georgia Technologies will not be able to recover data from these systems in the event of data loss. In addition, Georgia Technologies will no longer monitor and manage obsolete data backup systems.

If you do not have a supported data backup system in place for your business, contact Georgia Technologies:
by phone: 912-489-9857

It is important for you to take action immediately to maintain your company’s important computer data. In some cases, it is a requirement by law for your business to have a supported data backup system. If you need additional information or need to find out if your business is in compliance, contact the Georgia Technologies Service Desk.

Your Questions Answered

What is a data backup system?

A data backup system makes a copy of your important server data to another location. This system allows you to recover your vital files in case of data loss. Without a data backup system, your valuable business data is at risk.

Does my business have a supported data backup system?

Contact Georgia Technologies to find out if your data backup system is in compliance. We will make a quick assessment for you at no charge.

How much does a supported data backup system cost?

Depending on the amount of data storage and type of recovery equipment your organization requires, costs for a data backup system range from $269.99 per year (Carbonite Pro as of January 29, 2014). If you do not have a supported data backup system, contact Georgia Technologies for a free assessment and proposal for your business.

Is my organization required to have a data backup system?

If you request support from Georgia Technologies as a Managed Services Client, you must have a supported data backup system for your company. We no longer support obsolete data backup systems.

In addition, most healthcare organizations are required to maintain a reliable data backup and data recovery plan to achieve compliancy. Under the Security Rule of HIPAA, covered entities must “establish and implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information.” All covered entities must comply with the applicable standards, implementation specifications, and requirements of the Security Rule with respect to EPHI.

Does this impact my organization’s Managed Services Agreement with Georgia Technologies?

If you do not have a supported data backup system or no data backup system at all, your organization is out of compliance in respect to your Managed Services Subscriber Agreement. For protection against data loss, you must immediately implement a supported data backup system. (Managed Services Subscriber Agreement, Article VII.E. Client Operating Standards; Article XII. Enhancement and Modifications of Services)

Where can I find more information about this Service Advisory?

Contact the Georgia Technologies Service Desk.
by phone: 912-489-9857